Lunar Photography

By: Kishore Kumar

Mar 30 2012

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Photographed @ Bangalore

Finally figured out how to photograph the moon using a telescope.

Used the fastest lens I have (f/1.8 @ 50mm). Set ISO at maximum (1600 on Nikon D80). Mounted the camera on a tripod and peered into the eyepiece of the telescope (“afocal” photography). Used timer release to minimize shake. Used Gimp to sharpen the image some more.

Opened the shutter wide (f/1.8) and experimented with multiple shutter speeds. The brighter shots washed out detail. Hence had to strike a balance between brightness and detail. The above photo was the result of shooting at 1/15s and further toning down the brighter edge of the moon using the Curves tool in Gimp.

It was a bit of a problem to align the camera lens and the telescope eyepiece; that took some trial and error. But overall, worth the effort. Very satisfying.


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